Reservation days?

Hello! I was planning to go May 28-June 1 but it appears three of the days are sold out of reservations. Do I have a chance of getting them?

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Where are you seeing that they are sold out b/c I see openings: Theme Park Reservation Availability (

Thanks! May 31, June 1.?

That’s the WDW link, she is going to Disneyland.

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Yes, there is a chance. You need to stalk the site daily and try to grab them a day at a time if they become available. Good luck! The other option is to book an onsite room, they have separate availability (after booking you go through a separate APR booking link). I just tested this out 2 weeks ago to see if it still worked, and it does.

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Dang I’m sorry. I didn’t see that :disappointed_relieved:

It happens a lot, no big deal. :grin:

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I forget to read the light grey subtitle :woman_facepalming:

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