Reservation Alert wrong?

Has anyone had success with the reservation alert on here? I have lunch res for BOG at 1:30 Oct 8th but would prefer dinner. Just got a notification text and email that a 4:20 dinner slot opened but when I (immediately) logged in, it’s not showing any availability.
Just wondering if it got snagged that quickly?

Yes they do get snagged that quickly. You won’t be the only person looking for that ADR and someone has to get there first.

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Makes sense. I know the reservation finder is still in testing mode, so I was wondering how well it’s been working for others. I’m glad it’s an option and hoping something opens between now and our trip that I’m quick enough to get!

It’s been working fantastically. Good luck!


It has worked fantastic in finding me 4 different reservations!!


Have had luck! Just listen for those notifications. I snagged a BOG breakfast in June that way. Also got a California Grill dinner at 7, but decided instead to stick with our current dinner option that day.

Yes. I was able to BOG the night I wanted it. You literally have to be right on top of it when the text comes through. Stay on top of it. Your far enough off that something should open for you.


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As others have stated, it make take missing a few before you finally snag the one you’re trying for. But if you keep at it the odds are in your favor!

worked for me too, for multiple ressies last trip include pre rope drop BOG. just took time.

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I missed a few before I realized I had to react quickly. Then it worked like a charm! They notified me 3 different times for BOG before I finally got the time I wanted. This is a great service!

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This makes me feel a lot better! I stumbled a bit with it being my first notification. Hopefully next time I can make it work!

Don’t forget to restart the reservation finder if you haven’t already.

I did earlier today! Thank you!