Rescheduling Trip - Lots of Questions

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I had a super amazing Disney trip planned for over July 4th. We had reservations at Caribbean Beach Resort, 6 park hopper tickets, and used a leading reservation for all of the best dining reservations, plus building droid/lightsabers before an Ogas reservation at park closing. Long story short, my husband had two cerebral spinal fluid leaks and had surgery on Wednesday. We were optimistic that although we would be moving much slower, we could still have a pretty cool trip. Unfortunately, he can barely tolerate sitting in a chair for an hour without a crazy amount of pain/pressure behind the eyes… so I don’t see him being Disney ready in 46 days. Not to mention he won’t be allowed to swim for at least 3 months, which was a big part of our “relaxing” trip. So we are rescheduling…

The only time that works with work/school is the week between Christmas and New Years. I’m lying to myself that since we were going to be there over 4th of July, it won’t be THAT much busier, and the weather will be cooler so we can tolerate more.

A lot of the resorts are already booked for that week. CBR is not available for that whole stay. My DS2 (will be 3 at the time of trip) is OBSESSED with Toy Story. And I mean OBSESSED. So my plan for now is to stay at All Star Movies from 12/26-12/30, and then move to the Boardwalk for 12/30-01/02. I will keep checking to see if anything opens up at Yacht or Beach Club, but for us the location is more important than having the most updated room. We would plan on doing Epcot on NYE, so we can bail whenever we need to and walk back to the resort and not be dependent on any mode of transport.

I know in the past, parks have reached capacity on NYE and the advice was to NOT leave the park for fear of not being able to get back in. With the APR in place, do you think we would be able to take a midday break and give the kids a break/nap prior to returning for the evening festivities, or should be plan on being in the park all day?

Also - because of the split stay, buying two packages with tickets is going to be more expensive than buying room only, and getting tickets separately. Right now I’m looking at undercover tourist for tickets. I went to compare to buying directly from Disney, but it won’t let me buy tickets that run into Jan 2022. Is that normal? Will there be an issue with buying from undercover tourist? Would it be better to buy tickets with the rooms as two packages, and pay more in order to get APR? Right now, there is currently full availability for that week. If we booked a “fake” package for the week with tickets and then cancel that, would any APR we have stay? Is that using too many loop holes?

I had booked the 4th of July trip through a travel agent. Is she able to book my current plan of two room only reservations, and buying tickets through 3rd party, or can she only do packages? I’ve asking her a bunch of questions, and am waiting on responses. I get that right now I’m in super planning mode as I’m trying to numb the pain of losing the perfect July trip, as well as trying to distract myself from the current DH being hospitalized situation and my travel agent has a normal life and therefore isn’t as invested in this as I am at the moment. I don’t want to screw her out of any commission, but I also don’t want to pay more than absolutely necessary, since we DS2 will be 3, therefore we have to already add his tickets on to cost, and then it being a more expensive week, etc. Trying to balance what is best for us as a family, and helping out the travel agents as well. I know there are several travel agents on here, so please help me navigate this!

Lastly, if anyone has any MUST DOs for that week - let me know! We probably won’t come during Christmas again, so want to experience as much as is open post-Covid.

Thanks for those who have read this very long post. I have been lurker on this forum for 3 or so years now, with minimal posting, but have taken a ton of advice from you all. And clearly, my head is swimming so hopefully most of this makes sense.


My goodness, how scary! I’m sorry to hear this and I hope he is well again soon.

I actually think that this is probably not a lie. The difference may be that in July there will be greater capacity but by December I expect it will be totally normal in that way again. That said, you just adjust your expectations and you’ll have a wonderful time. What a festive time of year to be there, and celebrating your husband’s return to wellness!

That will be great! It puts you at Epcot’s doorstep for New Years Eve! I think APR will keep you from getting locked out; and although capacity has been reached in the past I’m not sure it has extended to include resort guests who are always the last to be locked out. Secure an ADR to increase your chances as ADRs are prioritized entry too.

I think at this time, yes. But you can buy tickets direct from WDW for January now I believe; would that be less expensive than doing the two packages even if it’s more expensive than UT might be once it’s available? I’d not want to gamble APRs at this point personally.

She can do room only as well as separate tickets but not third party (probably, depending on her agency). If it were me I would go ahead and book it myself and then transfer it to her ASAP (you have 30 days from date of booking to transfer it into her care; there’s a form for her to fill out and it’s super easy and seamless). I would not want to wait on her unless she is back to you TODAY. Bookings are going fast.


Thank you!! I’ll go ahead and book and let her know!

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I’m so sorry you are having to go through this with your husband. I understand all too well how medical/health issues can impact vacation planning (though mine is in the opposite direction. I’m sent huge hugs, prayers and positive thoughts for your husbands full recovery!!

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I’ve been following your story. I can’t wait to read your trip report! Continuing to send positive vibes your way!

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For anyone questioning using a travel agent… just use one :slight_smile: I just got off the phone with me and we got it all figured out. We decided to go with Dolphin instead of Boardwalk for half the cost, but all the same benefits. We were able able to figure out how to add tickets to the all star movies stay and have enough tickets to cover the whole trip.


Thanks so much! We are so excited. We have had to do some “playing “ with his meds so side effects won’t hinder enjoyment of our trip. Doctor has been really good about that. We leave on the train in 12 days!!! :grin:


Just sending a whole lot of hugs and prayers! At one point we thought I might have one of those. Not pleasant stuff. I hope they were able to get them resolved as it sounds like they can be a little tricky.

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