Rescheduling an upgraded room reservation

I have a one night room only reservation at GF in May. I haven’t received a cancellation email from Disney yet but obviously this trip and night stay are not happening. The catch is that I paid for one night at POR at an offer price. I ended up with a GF room as an upgrade from Disney. I was so looking forward to this one silly night! Is there any chance at all that Disney would let me move this reservation at GF to a later date? I know I can’t if I get a refund. Is it worth a call? I’m really reaching for something to look forward to.

I would say no. They will compensate or use the credited funds you for the rate you paid at POR.

I would call!


Always worth the call IMO


Yes. Always worth a call.

Merely ask about switching your GF room only one night.
Have some possible dates. I’d ask what dates could I switch my GF reservation to.


Yes, this ^^^^^

Don’t give them the back story, just say you have a GF reservation and would like to move it.