Rescheduled trip hiccups

We have a rescheduled trip planned for July. (Please don’t hit me, I know there is a strong possibility it will not happen for multiple reasons.)
Our original plan was May 27. We changed to July. My thought was if July doesn’t happen, 2021 dates might be out and I can plan May 2021.
Ok, back to my hiccup. May 9 would have been our FP+ day for a July 8 start, so I log on and try…but my tickets are not linked to my MDE. Our tickets still show the original May 27 day. I play around with linking magic bands or reservation #'s, and it tells me we are already linked to tickets, so that was a no go.
I contacted our travel agent and she says all things are good on her end, and I should try to contact MDE Tech. I tried that with a call and with the chat option. No go, the response is the travel agent is the legal owner of the reservation, therefore she will need to call.
(forehead slap) I know this is just a hiccup, and I know we may not end up going until next year. But, if by some chance we can go, plans would be beneficial. Yes?
So frustrating.
Has anyone else had this issue happen or know how it could be fixed?

This is something I would expect your travel agent to handle. The fact that you had to call/chat repeatedly only for them to tell you your agent had to handle it is especially frustrating.

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