Res Finder Wins Again!

Just got a text alert for Homecoming for Friday. Only just set up the finder last night, got an alert earlier today but it was gone before I snagged it. But not this time!

Fried chicken get in mah belly!!! :poultry_leg:


Enjoy your fried chicken!


Is there a reason why there isn’t a Res Finder for EMM and dessert parties? How can we suggest this to the team?

I’m not an expert but it would seem to work very similarly to the ADR system.

You can always tag @len

I know it’s not part of the subscription, but I’d pay the annual fee just for that one feature…

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yay. I have noticed that boat house and homecomin often don’t have times through ADR 180 days out, but 30 days out through open table, they do. Wonder if those 2 restaurants take fewer ADRs through MDE because they want to reserve times for non disney patrons


Love the ressie finder! My family (read: DH) loves the SciFi Dine-In and I’ve been switching my plans around a bit since the 180 mark so I didn’t have it reserved- but it pulled up a super time slot for us over a holiday weekend. Absolutely fantastic.


That’s probably true, but I wonder why Homecomin’ isn’t on OpenTable?

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I thought it was, no??? hmm apparently no. I saw a list of wdw restaurants on open table and homecomin was one of them on list but in reality its not

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Maybe just not that far out, I was looking for May. I did get a spot through WDW, but the time is not great.

I can’t see it.

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What is Res Finder? I mean I can guess, but how/where do u use it? use this tool if you cant find a ressie on your own. just be prepared upon notification to jump on the ressie. it has worked quite well for many of us


Also just came thru for me as well. Got me an ADR at California Grill on 4/7, love this feature


I love it too! Glad you got your Homecomin’ time.

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