Res Finder to the RESCUE once again!

Woohoo res finder! After all the talk of SWAGS schedules for later this year I started to get nervous…we have one day planned for HS, November 30. It happens to be a Wednesday which if the same as October, will be a SWAGS night. But who knows…I figured I better play it safe w/ a plan B so I had all reservations in place to flip-flop Wed/Thu that week if necessary.

All ADRS at play were in place except for a H&V breakfast which we really want to do. Just got the text from res finder and snagged one for Thursday! As soon as the dang times are published I will know which day we will ACTUALLY be at HS…and I will promptly cancel the ADR for either plan A or plan B…lol.

Thanks @len & company for all our hard work and this marvelous tool!!! :clap: