Res Finder = Family Victory = Told You So :)

So I’m planning for a family of 7 for MLK weekend in Jan. It’s going well, but pretty much everything is on me because I’m known as the neurotic/high-maintenance planner with the crazy Disney obsession.

Due to the University of Kentucky’s relatively successful football season, my parents (part of the traveling party in Jan) are now going down to Orlando for the bowl game and will be in Orlando with some other relatives (a party of 8) for NYE.

My mom and I are talking on the phone and she is lamenting not being able to find any dinner reservation for the holiday except for Paradiso 37 and Splitsville. As they say online… “here, hold my beer”

Enter the res finder.

Within 48 hours, she got a text message notifying her of an available reservation at their top pick. As instructed, she jumped on it straight away, and they now have a reservation for 8 at Homecoming on NYE.

Mic dropped, shoulder brushed off. I think I’ve now at least shown a few family members that the neurotic/high-maintenance planner’s skills and resources may be more valuable than crazy :smiley::joy::blush:


Well done and Go CATS! :slight_smile:

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Nice! It really is a nice dopamine hit when that text pops up.

We’ll be at the citrus bowl as well on the tail end of our WDW trip. The timing just happened to work out perfectly. Go lions.

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Go Cats! It really is amazing how well the BBN travels.

Way to go on the reservation finder too!

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