Requesting specific rooms

I’m wanting to request a room in a particular village and we have paid for a water/pool view room with two queen beds and a fifth sleeper. My question is when you use the touringplans room finder and enter all the info it shows a room that has all the matching requests and it says to include the following text on your fax “the additional room numbers it has you include are not listed as having the fifth sleeper” they only show two queen beds. I only want to request a room that has the water/ pool view as well as the two queens and fifth sleeper. My question is how do I do this? I can’t include the additional rooms touringplans is telling me too because they don’t include that fifth sleeper and we paid for it and we also need it? Thanks in advance.

I would edit the text to say the area you would like the room but that your priority is the 5th sleeping surface.

This is what I’ve done every time and it has worked like a charm. I’ve either gotten my primary room or one that met the criteria I needed.