Requesting specific rooms at resort

First time to mingle with Mickey merry makers. We are staying at Saratoga in October and saw where Unofficial guide suggested to request specific rooms. Has anyone had luck with this and if so, how far out can we do this?

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I have had great luck at AKL. You know that touring plans does this for you? Here is a blog post with directions.


Thank you!!!

One tip is to not request specific rooms without specifying what it is you like about those rooms - if the room assigner does not have those rooms available then they are just going to make a WAG and may end up giving you a room you are not happy with. You are better off making a request that first specifies what you are looking for in general (high floor, close to elevator, etc.) and then add a range of room numbers as an example. The room finder blog post that @PrincipalTinker linked to can help out here.

Also, never request a room that is not in the class that you booked - this rarely, if ever, succeeds.