Requesting Rooms at Online Checkin

I am wondering what advice you have for on-line check in for Caribbean Beach Resort. We stayed at Aruba before and liked that. Any other suggestions on rooms as well as when and how to do so.

I think they still recommend that, if you plan to use the TP room request fax, that you do not specify room types when doing online check-in… but if I’m wrong, someone please correct me.

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@Crasstastic is correct. Do one or the other but not both as it may result in a conflict of requests that makes it unclear to the CM doing room assignments what it is you want. I personally recommend the TP room fax. We had very good results on our trip last time

I would do both.

I filled out the online check-in form on Disney’s website for my upcoming CBR trip (18 days woo!) but did not specify any room requests there because I filled out the TP fax request. Hoping for the best! :slight_smile: