Requesting Dining Advice/Recommendations

Hi everyone!

So for my Birthday celebrate/Christmas trip I’ve splurged and gotten myself the deluxe dining plan. I know that 3 meals a day at WDW is insane for one person, so I have ADRs at a variety of Signature Dining restaurants. I’ve only been to Tiffins and CRT so I’m looking for recommendations on what to order and what to avoid at these places. With the DxDP I get to order an appetizer, entree, dessert, and drink. Thanks in advance for your recommendations!

Where I have ADRs:
California Grill
Artist’s Point
Flying Fish
The Yachtsman
Le Cellier
Monsieur Paul
The Hollywood Brown Derby
The Boathouse

And while not signature places I’ve never eaten at these two:
Kona Cafe (lunch)

I have looked at all of the menus and have ideas for what I want to order, but would like input from those who have actually experienced dining at the different locations.

Thanks in advance!

No input, but following along as I have adrs for many of these too :blush:

I have ADRs for Narcoosee’s and The Boathouse as well for my Feb trip. Not sure when yours is, but I can report back.

I went to Le Cellier years ago with my family and we loved it then. But I have no clue how it is now. The only time it is available on my upcoming trip it would mean missing Illuminations, so not doing it.

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I have found that the signature menus change quite often, usually you can count on seasonal changes too. I cannot say enough about the wild boar appetizer at Jiko. It is one of the few dishes that has survived with multiple head chef changes.

With the deluxe plan I agree that you should try as many signatures as possible and I love your list! If you are doing some lunched make sure you are putting hours (I plan at least 6) between your meals. Every meal with an appetizer, entree and dessert leaves you very full. I made a mistake my first time doing signature at night and then planning a character breakfast in the morning, and I just wasn’t hungry yet.



I’ve been to every one on your list at least once, except for Yachtsman (had ADR on last trip, but DW wasn’t feeling well so we cancelled). AS @PrincipalTinker said, the signature menus change frequently, so it’s hard to plan specific meals in advance. In all of my signature dining, I’ve never had anything that wasn’t very good - and usually excellent. If the description of the meal sounds good to you, you probably will not be disappointed.


My trip is this week - I fly in tomorrow with dinner reservations at California Grill. I’m planning on keeping notes and taking pictures so I’ll share what I order and what I recommend.


@PrincipalTinker, I find I have to put at least 6 hours between QS and TS meals when I’m at WDW so I try to plan an early lunch (11:30 am - 1 pm) and then a later dinner (usually after 6 pm) otherwise I’m just too full to enjoy my meals. I also have learned not to do 2 buffets in one day. Three years ago for Christmas I did Biergarten for lunch and Garden Grill for dinner - Big Mistake!

Thanks for your recommendations!

Thanks for your input! I appreciate your jumping in as I think of you as the resident WDW foodie :smile:

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Awesome! I’m somewhat limited in that I’m gluten-free, but I love reading about people’s experiences regardless!

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I understand completely about being limited as I’m gluten-free, egg-free, and have a few other intolerances. I’m hoping that by eating at signature restaurants I may be able to get away from the “we have rasperry sorbet or enjoy Life cookies available for you for dessert” which is what i usually encounter at TS places. Tiffins actually has my favorite dessert on property that I’ve found so far - the Passionfruit tapioca is amazing!


Sorry it’s taken so long, and once I get closer to having it done I’ll make a post of it in the message board, but here’s a link to the beginning of my December trip report.

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Thank you!!