Requesting comments on Epcot TP

I would appreciate any comments you may have on our Epcot TP. We are going in July and I believe the crowd will be an 8. We’ll have DS2.5, DS5, DH and myself. We’ll be staying at BLT and heading back there for an afternoon nap. I’m the only one who has been to Epcot before. It will be an EMH day and we will probably arrive around that time if not at RD. The kids probably won’t last too late into the evening. Thank you for your help!

Couple of quick comments:

  • You have an FPP for SE at 1:20AM, which is an invalid time. See if you can swap it for a time that overlaps the time you are doing SE on your plan. Although the wait time is predicted to be very short, you might as well have it scheduled for then just in case. Also, I didn’t notice anything else useful that you could swap it for.
  • 2 hours is a rather short rest break for you to get back to BLT. You will probably find that the actual nap time may be too short after all of the travel time.

Thank you! I’ve increased the rest break to 4 hours. The FPP for SE is actually at 1:20 PM. I put it in wrong. That said when I reoptimized it didn’t use the FPP. Can I just dump a FPP reservation without replacing it with something else?

You can do that, but you then lose the FPP opportunity altogether and can’t swap it for something else if the opportunity arises. Try to see if you can swap it for something else useful instead.