Requesting a DVC room at the Poly with a standard resort reservation?

We have a standard room reservation for the Poly in March–the first week in the month. I am wondering if it is possible to have a room request for the DVC long houses honored? We couldn’t book a room in the DVC long houses because we are utilizing the military discount that was just released and with a travel date so close there were no rooms available for the military rate in the DVC long houses at that time. There are plenty available at the standard rate, just not with the military discount. In fact, we have to split our stay with the Beach Club because the Poly only had a room at the military rate for 3 of our 5 nights. Any idea if they would put us in the DVC rooms if we request one?

As far as I know, they will not put you in a DVC room. They are completely separate inventories, so you would essentially be wasting a room request on something that they cannot give you.

Is there a reason you would make that request? What are you looking for in DVC that you cannot get in a standard room?

Two bathrooms. We are traveling with another family–two rooms, four adults, two preschoolers, one toddler, and one teenager. Two bathrooms per rooms would be very helpful. We toured the DVC rooms on our last visit and for a trip with so many kids, the extra bathroom would cut the time it takes to get ready in half.

I suspected that plus with the Poly rooms the two sinks are in the bathrooms so you cannot even have two people use the sinks if someone is in the bathroom. Do you have a great rate? Did you check the difference in price between a DVC room and a standard room? There have been a few great deals.

We booked with the armed forces salute. We got 40% off. The difference between the DVC rooms and the standard resort rooms is $5 per night for our travel dates with the current rack rates, but they would not give us the military rate for the DVC rooms, so we booked the standard resort room. There was availability for the DVC rooms, we just would not have gotten the 40% off. Usually, though, we are able to use the military rate on the DVC rooms, too. The problem is booking so close to your travel dates means far fewer options for resorts and rooms when utilizing the military discount. For the best availability with the military rates one needs to book farther out. Our schedules would not allow for us to book any later in the year.

If that is your only request I would try the TP fax and not make any online requests. What could it hurt? Honestly, I would not bother with the online check in at Poly anyways. My last two visits it did not work and my last visit it was 45 minutes in line to check in. Ask there when you check in too! Good luck and have a great trip. Thank you for your service,

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We rented DVC points at Poly for about the same cost as getting 40% off a standard room (we’re also military).

Check here:

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