Request Room Request for Two Rooms

I have a plan set up however the plan includes two rooms. I can see how to send the fax for the one request, however, I need to request two reservations. How do I do this using Touring Plans?

I have 2 rooms also, I noted the other reservation number in the fax itself.

I had the same question…same family but two different reservation numbers. Did anyone have a problem doing it as mentioned earlier, with just putting both reservation numbers in the one request?

I just ran across this thread and it might be too late for those asking, but I did the room request and listed the other room on the fax. I also think it helps to prioritize the requests for them. For example it was more important for us to have adjoining rooms than it was to get the building and floor we asked for. I didn’t want them to give us the view we wanted but have us spread out although I did hope we could get both the view and be next to each other. When I checked in the CM actually referenced it and said “it looks like we have you in adjoining rooms but couldn’t give you that in the building you requested. We could get one room in the building you wanted, you prefer being next to each other though, right”. So it did seem to make a difference.

I am currently at the Poly with a lake view.

So you know the bullding is Moorea.

The plan faxed my request of rooms around 3005, far from the boat horn… we got 103x.

Arguably the total opposite of my request.

Oh well… I am on to the VGF with a split stay tomorrow.

I will see if my request was honored there.