Request Resort Change

I am just curious if anybody out there has ever booked a DVC Resort and then, within 45 days or so, called DVC to check availability at a different DVC resort to move your reservation? If so - is this common or is this something that shouldn’t be expected to go through?

Background on my question - my family and I are headed to WDW end of this year. We have a 1BR at Saratoga Springs which we got through RCI (Timeshare) - which in turn gets it through DVC. I had to contact DVC as if I was a DVC owner to get my WDW Resort Reservation Confirmation code - and they were very helpful/friendly talking to me. Saratoga wasn’t our 1st choice (or 2nd, or 3rd for that matter) but it was all we could get through RCI. Now that we’re “in” - I’m wondering whether it’s even worth my time calling them in a few weeks to see if they have the ability to move us to one of our more desired resorts.

I know DVC uses a point system that varies based on resort, time of year and type of room. Most of our desired alternative destinations would have cost more points than what we have. I also understand DVC allows members to buy one-time use points at $15/point - so I’m even willing to pay the difference to “upgrade” from Saratoga, basically. I’m just curious if anybody has ever done this or has experience enough to say “don’t bother - it will never happen” or anything like that.

Thanks ahead of time!

I just changed our resort from ssr to wl villas at 39 days out with a military discount. Just depends on what’s available. The cm told me to call between 45 - 30 days for the best chances. Good luck !


I was wondering if you were successful in having your resort changed?

No. Since I wasn’t a DVC owner and I wasn’t using “points” to reserve my reservation (I was using a timeshare exchange from RCI), I wasn’t able to do anything other than take what I had exchanged for. They only made SSR available to RCI owners.

Those one time use points that you can buy are an owner’s perk only and we can purchase up to 25 per year, and only at less than 7 months out. They’re not available to RCI bookings. DVC deposits specific reservations into the RCI system, and they’re generally a “take it or leave it” type thing. You can’t do much modification to them.

Generally, when you’re trading RCI weeks into DVC, they are using you to fill up the least desirable resorts (Saratoga and Old Key West) that are lower point values. I haven’t even heard of people being able to get Old Key West in the last few years. Owners can book their home resort at 11months, and any other resort at 7 months. DVC is often fully booked months in advance with only a sporadic night available here and there as you get within 3 months of traveling. November-December is especially difficult to book DVC as it’s a low point season in early December, and then the holidays.