Request Resort Change


I am just curious if anybody out there has ever booked a DVC Resort and then, within 45 days or so, called DVC to check availability at a different DVC resort to move your reservation? If so - is this common or is this something that shouldn't be expected to go through?

Background on my question - my family and I are headed to WDW end of this year. We have a 1BR at Saratoga Springs which we got through RCI (Timeshare) - which in turn gets it through DVC. I had to contact DVC as if I was a DVC owner to get my WDW Resort Reservation Confirmation code - and they were very helpful/friendly talking to me. Saratoga wasn't our 1st choice (or 2nd, or 3rd for that matter) but it was all we could get through RCI. Now that we're "in" - I'm wondering whether it's even worth my time calling them in a few weeks to see if they have the ability to move us to one of our more desired resorts.

I know DVC uses a point system that varies based on resort, time of year and type of room. Most of our desired alternative destinations would have cost more points than what we have. I also understand DVC allows members to buy one-time use points at $15/point - so I'm even willing to pay the difference to "upgrade" from Saratoga, basically. I'm just curious if anybody has ever done this or has experience enough to say "don't bother - it will never happen" or anything like that.

Thanks ahead of time!


I just changed our resort from ssr to wl villas at 39 days out with a military discount. Just depends on what's available. The cm told me to call between 45 - 30 days for the best chances. Good luck !