Request a room at POR?

I was wondering if any one had specific recommendations for POR . When we booked I requested a Royal Room (daughters birthday, so this is a must). Don’t really care about the view but would lIke something close to a bus stop. TIA!

I would request Oak Manor- that way you will have two bus stops depending on location but truly both buildings are great.

Thanks. I used the Touring plans app and clicked on a room and then it said click here to request and then it told me what I had requested. There was no box for comments and I had wanted to remind them we are celebrating my daughters bday. Did I miss something?

Go back to your dashboard and there will be a link to “configure fax”. You need to add your reservation info and your note- then hit the save button.

Thank you so much! I think I’ve got it, but 1 more probably dumb question, where it asks for reservation #, would that be the confirmation #?

Yes! The same number you see if you log into MDE

this is probably so ridiculous of me to ask - but where is this “configure fax” button? i’ve searched my dashboard and do not see it anywhere! thank you!!

Have you tried clicking from “checklist” to “itinerary” ? That got me at first.

This is what my dashboard looks like

Do you see the “configure fax” box on my dashboard for my February trip? I am posting from my phone. It is a little more obvious from my iPad.

thanks principal tinker! i realized the “configure fax” button was not showing up because i hadn’t clicked a room and officially chosen it! :slight_smile: i’m all set!

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