Reports on Early Entry at Disneyland

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has done early entry at Disneyland. I’m curious if we should try to do a ride before making our way to Rise of the Resistance because it is not open for early entry? Also, if we do go straight there should we go through Fantasyland or Frontierland?

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We did early entry in Disneyland 3x Aug 12,14 & 15. If you are lined up to be first through the turnstiles, you can do at least 3 rides in Fantasyland during the early entry. We positioned for Rise one day and we did 2 rides (Alice, teacups & also stopped for some photos at the White Rabbit’s door) before joining the crowd setting up at the gates towards Galaxy’s Edge in Fantasyland at 7:54.

Definitely you want to be with the Fantasyland crowd. It will be only the early entry guests and you’re much closer to any entrance of Galaxy’s Edge than the Frontierland crowds. Frontierland crowds will be held at the central hub with any & everyone arriving on time for rope drop and will have to go all the way around Big Thunder to get to a Galaxy’s Edge entrance. In Fantasyland you will already be behind Big Thunder and have a much shorter, straight walk to either of the 2 pathways behind Big Thunder.