Reporting live from MMRR!

To preface this, this isn’t going to be a trip report just a blow by blow for a bit of my HS morning (I’ll include BG # as well)

We left All Star Sports and we’re in a Lyft on our way to HS at 5:25, no traffic. We were at security by 5:35, hardly anyone here.

We went first to the security on the left, but quickly switched to the right where there was no line and we were 1st!

They opened security around 6 (didn’t check the time) and we are the first 2 in line for the tapstyles!! A Disney first for me. :raised_hands:

We’re now just waiting for the tapstyles to open.



We will be there today as well, but with FP for MMRR in the morning.
We were first at a tapstile one morning last summer at Disneyland (RD SRMF): I agree, it is a great feeling!

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Tapstyles opened at 7 and we were in line for MMRR by 7:07. Looks like it’ll open at 8 today, was really hoping for a little sooner.


Longer at the Turnstile today:
Uber drop us at 7:33 and we were in the park at 7:47.
Seems busier than Monday and Tuesday.
Those coming from Skyliner could not be able to do it for 8:00.

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It’s such a shame the skyliner isn’t a better option for HS early mornings.

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We waiting in the outside queue until 7:45 then they let us in and right into the preshow. We were on the second train. Everyone in our car was trying for BGs while we rode. I have no idea what happened in the last few rooms, but I scored BG 4!!! I was shaking and almost crying I was so excited. Well worth getting up super early. We were off the ride by 8:03. From what I remember it was amazing. I’ll be keeping an eye out for a FPP for sure!!


How is this ride in terms of motion sickness?

Maybe those at the Caribbean were ok, but probably not for guests staying at AoA or POP (our case).
We always took Uber on our 3 mornings at HK.
The buses doesn’t seem to be that reliable too… always long lines when passing by at 7:00 ish each morning.


That is a happy sight!!!

A very successful morning!

We just got on the ride and It is a very smooth ride.

In term of motion sickness, it is definitely less « intense » than Toy Story Mania for instance.
It is also way less intense than Men in Black in USF or Roger Rabbit Spin in Disneyland California.

I doesn’t have any height requirements.


Good to hear!

Is the problem with skyliner, the time skyliner starts running?

I’ll be at Caribbean in April and planning on taking Skyliner to DHS for a 9AM RD. Should I make other transportation plans?

It starts at 7.30 so fine for a 9am opening but not an 8am opening.

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Probably fine from Caribbean to make it to 8:00, but not enough to be in good position to RD right now.

It is really those at AoA / Pop that have the biggest problem, as they are further away and they must transfert at the Caribbean and encounter additional wait…

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Thank you! This is the exactly what I wanted to know in terms of motion sickness. I have 2 people that can ride roller coasters, but can’t handle lots of ride vehicle spinning (ie, no teacups). They can handle Midway Mania and Roger Rabbit (as long as we don’t spin the cars) so I think we are okay.

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Posting this to help people planning trips:

So no getting in line at park close to avoid a long wait :confused:

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Now we know why it isn’t operating during evening EMH.

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Would this ride be okay for someone who doesn’t like big coasters? (SDD = okay, Space Mountain = not okay, for a point of reference)

I know literally nothing about this ride (I like to be surprised, so I’ve avoided any reports about it!) but will be traveling with someone with the above preferences so she needs to know how topsy-turvy it actually is.