Reporter looking for Families Headed to WDW

Name: Damian Tysdal Safe Travels Podcast

Category: Travel


Media Outlet: Safe Travels Podcast

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST - 16 June


I am looking for podcast guests who are planning a family trip
to Disney. What are your thoughts on the re-opening plan? Has
Disney been flexible with changes to your plans? How are you
dealing with safety concerns? How are you preparing differently
than you normally would? How are you addressing the additional
safety measures?

Please read this before answering. I’d appreciate it if you
could send an initial response (even if brief bullet points) to
my questions by email. I’ve included all of my questions in this
query. Please also include your full name, as well as a short
bio with your unique qualification to discuss this (what makes
you a good source?), and any relevant links (blog, Twitter,

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This will be an interesting podcast to listen to.

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