Report on use of Fast Pass for Wishes and Electrical Parade

Hi Everyone,

We just returned from a magical week at Disney. I had been hemming and hawing over our use of Fast Passes for both the MSEP and Wishes. I thought since we experienced both last night, I would report back for anyone else who is contemplating using a precious FP+ for either of these.

MSEP: This was great. We had to hoof it from a BOG dinner reservation to the front of Main Street, and I was worried about where we would end up because we didn’t get to our FP location until 8:45, but the kids still got to sit almost at the curb and had a completely unobstructed view of the parade. I know some have said the the location is too close for good photographs, but our goal was a great place for the kids to sit and see everything, and this did not disappoint. There was plenty of room, and my daughter was close enough for Tinkerbell to recognize her and wave sincerely at her (we had just seen Tink at 6:00 that day). The only down side was having to fight the crowds back up Main Street to get to our FP location for Wishes.

Wishes: Do NOT waste your Fast Pass! If I had known this, I would have gotten another FP for 7 Dwarves, instead of being trampled to death by the RD crowd getting there first thing (that’s another post). We got to the garden spot at about 9:30 after using the MSEP FP. I thought there would be ample room, as the FP time said 9:30 - 9:50. The garden was completely packed - nary a blade of artificial turf available. The people behind us said that some people had been there for hours waiting. We found a small spot for our family of 5. My thought in getting the FP was that the kids, ages 12, 6 and 4, could lie back and relax with a decent view of Celebrate the Magic and then Wishes. Boy, was I wrong! At 9:40 a CM came around and ordered everyone to stand. If I wanted to stand, I would have just grabbed a spot on Main Street. I wasn’t even looking for the perfect photo spot, just a place where we could relax and watch. After Celebrate the Magic, during which we had to hold our two littlest ones because they couldn’t see over the heads of everyone else, my 12 year old son sat back down. Right away another CM rushed over and told him to stand up for safety reasons. So, again we all stood to watch the amazing fireworks show. The only upside was that we were able to scoot out right afterwards and use the exit that opened up by the gardens, and were one of the first in line for our bus back to CBR.
So, I would definitely recommend the MSEP FP, but would not recommend the Wishes FP. Perhaps you would have a different experience during a slower part of the year, but for a crowded day, it was a waste.


Very good to know! I’m working on an article now about FastPass+ and Wishes for the TouringPlans blog–do you mind if I quote you on some of this (and if so, what name do you want me to use)?

Were you on the Plaza or CP side?

After reading this, I changed my FP from Wishes to the Electrical Parade. Thanks so much for the insight! Any suggestions on where to move after the Electrical Parade FP spot, for a good view of wishes/celebrate the magic?

Glad to be of help! We were on the Plaza side - we didn’t even venture to the other side, although I would gather it was just as packed. I hope I wasn’t too negative in my post - the fireworks were amazing, and celebrate the magic was wonderful, too. It is just that my expectation was for a relaxing, easy spot for the kids to see without having to look over the heads of others, and that just isn’t how it worked out.
I think that you can see the fireworks from many great locations around the park, and even just standing on Main Street would probably afford you a view as good as, if not better than, the one we had, without giving up a Fast Pass.

By the way, @mascardofamily, you can certainly quote me - perhaps you can just refer to me as a Disney newbie - please know, though, that I am not an expert and I am solely giving one opinion, although I can honestly say that the people seated around us in the garden were really angry at having to stand, and a group of them were saying that they were going to stay seated in protest - it was actually quite comical!

I think the Wishes FP area is different depending on the CMa. I went in April 25th. I came late since I had lost my MB on Buzz and I had to activate another on for the FP. I entered the FP area and moved all the way down closer to Main Street. CMs told people to stand, but families sat in the back. It was lovely.

Thanks for the post Ellen_Jones and to those who left follow up comments! Curious what the crowd levels were that evening? We are going in mid-August with 6 adults and 6 kids ages 4-9…now worried about room? Does anyone know if they let strollers in the area? My hope was the kids could lay back in the strollers and enjoy the show after a long day. Other suggestions?

The crowd level was a 9 - pretty crowded! We did bring in our stroller and parked it on a sidewalk near the exit gate so we could make a quick getaway. I did not see strollers on the grass area, but I could be wrong. The kids will definitely not be able to see Celebrate the Magic if everyone else is standing. As far as fireworks go, they can see them fine even if everyone is standing as long as the CM allows you to sit - that just wasn’t an option for us. Good luck!

I just checked- my night the predicted was a 6 but actual was a 7. It was a grey choice for me that night.

So perhaps I go with the mindset that it is about the proximity and not the space!? Would you have been able to stay in your MSEP spot and seen Wishes? Where is the MSEP FP+ spot? Thanks for the advice!

Great information. I had the opposite experience with Wishes but there had been a lot of rain that day and I was wondering if the crowd was lite in the FPP area because of the rain or if it was always so spacious. For my family, only two of the five of us used the FPP so maybe many others skipped out too. We arrived at about 9:35. I was surprised that so many people were there already but we had no problem finding a batch of grass. The grass is actually turf so we could sit on it and not get all icky. We stood up because those in front of us stood, but there were many people who did not. This was a crowd level 9 day, but again, a lot of rain. We walked away from that thinking we should always get a FPP on days we are arriving late at MK and using FPP there, but maybe not. Thanks for the information.

Very helpful, thanks for posting!

JustKeepSmiling, I am so glad the FPP worked out for you! Perhaps we just had an off day or a cranky CM, which seems quite rare - they are amazingly kind and helpful! You could see Wishes from your MSEP spot if you are right at the front of the circle facing the castle. You could probably see Celebrate the Magic, too, but you might miss Tinkerbell flying off to the side before Wishes begins, and everything would be a bit far away. However, it might be a lovely view of the long stretch down Main Street. I am eager to return so I can try another vantage point, as so many great TP folk have offered suggestions of good viewing places beside Main Street.

Thanks for your report! I was contemplating the same thing for September for the same reasons. I was considering the use of FPP so the kids could relax and enjoy. Hmm…I still have time before I need to decide. Maybe just the parade…