Replying on an iPad

Any tips for using an iPad on the forums here? Specifically, when I go to reply to a thread, since the reply box is at the bottom of the screen, the keyboard blocks my view of what I’m typing, in both landscape and portrait layouts. For some reason starting this thread it’s doing fine, but with replying to threads I have a very hard time. Splitting my keyboard in half helps a bit, but it’s still not so easy.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t have an iPad, but on my iPhone I often have to tap the done button when the text box disappears. That kind of resets things so I can reinsert the cursor and continue. The text box seems to disappear when someone else adds a comment or when things are updated.

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Thanks for the tip, @SallyEppcot! Also, for some reason now, the reply box is above the keyboard. Has my iPad just been playing tricks on me this weekend with the profile pics and reply box?

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On my iPad my keyboard is at the bottom half of my screen with the text box ( split screen) at the top.

Now it seems to be doing that. Thanks for the info, @PrincipalTinker. I don’t know why it was misbehaving before.