Reply warnings!

Just having replied to another thread, I was reminded of something.

As I replied to a post, the warning came up that I had replied to x several times and suggested either sending a personal message or doing a general reply.

I remember I used to heed those warnings, now I just tend to ignore them. And that’s only if I notice them! Curious what others do! :thinking:

I ignore them. Although in the thread in question you and I are talking to each other, I think it’s a conversation that others will be interested in.

I’ve had this message twice in the last week. I don’t see the point of it.

I get why the warnings are there. A form of automated moderator in action. I can see how forums can have situations where you start to have flame wars and such going on between two people, or someone who just keeps spamming, etc. So, forum software is configured to have such controls.

But, at least here, I haven’t really seen the need for such controls. So, they just kind of seem ridiculous. Like, when I start to reply to several posts in a thread too quickly because I happen to be a very fast typer, it is annoying that I’m warned that I have to wait several more seconds, etc. (But again, this is there to reduce spamming.)

I also find it annoying that the software automatically edits my post if I quote the post just before it when I respond and it eliminates the quote. This is all fine and well if it was that people didn’t regularly respond to posts out of order. But now my post is made out of context to what I’m responding to, leading to confusion. To make matters worse, unlike on the computer, on the phone you can’t just click/tap to see what post I’m directly responding to. So, the “auto-edit” is unjustified. To get around it, I’ve learned to quote the post above me, but leave ONE think off (even if it is just the punctuation, etc) so that the auto-edit doesn’t kick in.

This is the problem with A.I. in general right now. While it is put in place to help, it still is “artificial” intelligence…meaning, it really isn’t intelligence at all, but just a set of programmed rules that used to have to be monitored by a human moderator.

So, to answer your question…I either ignore the warning, or work around the warning as best I can.

I ignore the warnings. I just look at them as the forum lecturing me. Len recently increased the amount of direct responses in a row from 3 to 6. The inability to quote a reply seems to be relatively new and pointless?


I hadn’t noticed the quote thing particularly.

So even if I copy the post, hit reply and then “paste” - it may not actually post it?

Or did it do that automatically before and somehow I forgot I didn’t always have to do the 3 step part? That wouldn’t surprise me really! :rofl:

If you are replying to the LAST post in a thread, and you quote the post entirely when you respond, after your response is posted, the system will auto-edit your post to remove the quote.

This doesn’t happen, however, if there is at least one post between your post and the one you are responding to.

But, for example, if there is a long thread, and you posted something, and I quoted it with the response of, “No way!” and then it auto-edits the quote out, how can you be sure what I’m saying “No way!” to? Perhaps to the post above it, but perhaps to a post several posts up from there, which might change the interpretation entirely.

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The QUOTE one I really don’t like, and really feel it should be disabled.

There are some on this forum who have said stuff, then after you counter, they go back and either completely delete or change their post so it looks like you’re a lunatic.

If I was able to keep the post I was replying to (as I saw it), it’d be better.


Agreed. (This post done for example only.)

ETA: Weird. This time it didn’t do it. I wonder if it only edits it if it is a shorter quote.)


“Been there, done that” trying to follow a thread for sure!

And I used to keep forgetting you could click on the reply arrow to see which post people were replying to … :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

…lol I was just about to ask how you did that.

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Testing, testing, testing.

ETA: Nope. Still no self-edit. Maybe they disabled it! I was seeing self-edits happening only a few days ago though.

Only on the computer. You can’t on the phone interface, though.

ok, now I am completely confused. Why is it keeping it now? WAS it disabled between now and when Matt took his screenshot?

Edit: guess…so?

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another feature I would like to see rectified. The only place that you DEFINITELY need it, annnd it ain’t there.

Does it work?

ETA: haha! Maybe they’ve noticed and just updated it???

I’m happy. It appears they disabled the self-edit feature. Awesome! I don’t have to now be so careful about when I quote! :slight_smile:

That must be it.

Phone now can navigate the posts.

Thanks…whoever is doing that!!

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Holy cow the forum is now 100x easier to understand now on a phone!

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oh…wait… when you are straight up replying, you still can’t jump to the post you’re replying to without a quote…


Testing. Eh?