Renting supplemental points

I feel I should already know this, and I’m pretty sure I do - I’m just looking for confirmation, I guess.

In anticipation for a “big” family trip next year around Christmas, I’m looking to do a DVC stay for a 1BR villa either in Copper Creek or Bay Lake Tower. Easy enough, but here’s the downside: I will only have a max of 158 points to use with my use years + OTU points.

So… given that I’ll need to come up with few more points to do this…

  1. I can rent points and add them to my pool, right? (Pretty sure the answer is yes)
  2. I imagine I need to rent them and have them ready to go before I make the original reservation, right, especially to avoid “waitlist”? (also pretty sure the answer is yes)
  3. How would I end up doing this since it’d require input from those I’m renting from?

And for funsies, let’s say I suddenly need to up the points to accommodate a 2BR villa. I would be able to upgrade with a rental of more points easy enough, right? And this wouldn’t be a problem if I would rent from a different person than the first, right?

How many is a few points? You can purchase up to 24 additional one time use points one time a year.

More than 24. With the OTU, I still am short anywhere from 18-30 points depending on stay (that part of it is still being worked out).

Too bad. Buying the one time use points is more expensive than renting them typically but it’s easy.

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I don’t think renting will add to your pool

But I am pretty sure some of the boards Imaybe mouseowners) do have option to “purchase” from other members and have points transferred into your account.


boooo. ok, i’ll look into the purchasing option, thanks! I remember my agent said something about this but it’s been a while.

heh another option would be just to rent the whole thing and then use my DVC points on my own for other smaller trips throughout the year. :thinking::smirk:



(pass the koolaid!)


I would need to do both. Rent + OTU.

You own at Copper Creek?

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That actually could be the easiest option of all.

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I wonder if you’ve considered booking the trip for cash??? :wink: :wink:


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I do


lol! I actually did(cause I enjoy sticker shock from time to time), but oddly enough the villas are not available online. Probably cause we’re not in the window yet?

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Guilty as charged

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Two things regarding adding these extra points: 1.One time use points can only be bought at 7 months? My experience with a one bedroom in December at CC was that people walked them. 2. You would have to book BLT at 7 months? I don’t know if next December will be easier but I would be concerned about finding that?

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If you want to add points to your own, you need a TRANSFER of points. That is riskier for the owner because once they’re gone that’s final. Most people do it with a 3-way call with Member Services. But you need to be careful not to mention anything about money because it is actually forbidden to receive money for transferred points.

Transferred points retain their home resort and use year. Also I think with transferred points you have to call to book which means you lose an hour’s advantage.

You could do it by renting one of the reservations. That’s what I’d be tempted to do to be honest, if you have enough to book one of them yourself. If not, then rent out yours and rent both reservations.

Not sure what you mean by upgrading? You can modify a reservation as long as there is availability.

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One thing that I don’t think has been made super clear here, is that you will have to have 2 separate reservations unless you do the transfer route (matching your use year/home resort). I’m on a distro for DVC Rental Store that sends out a daily email with available transfer points. They are almost always $17. So that would probably be the most straightforward. But they still retain their home resort and use year.

If you rent, you’ll need to rent X nights and book your own Y nights. You can’t combine your points with rental points to make up a whole night. I would rent the front end of the trip to make sure you have that squared away and then book yourself the last part.

I am doing a multi-gen trip this fall and was in a similar position because I wanted to do a 2-bedroom. I did buy OTU points (which @PrincipalTinker is correct can only be purchased at 7 months). I booked the first 5 nights at 11 months and then at 7 months from my check in day, I called to modify the reservation to 6 nights and buy the OTU to finish it up.


Right, I was thinking that going the ‘rent’ method when going to another DVC member would change into a ‘transfer’ method, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case. Which kinda sucks, but oh well.

This is way too complicated for the few points I need. lol

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I would actually book what you can at CC at 11 months and get a rental for the other nights. I also think if you really want CC you should start walking the first November open date (if there is such a thing).