Renting points

I have 122 that will be expiring March 1. As of now the governor of NY says I cannot travel to Florida so it is unlikely I will be able to use these points for my reserved vacation in October. I have been doing some research with renting out the 122 points. What is a fair price for renting out 122 points which expire March 1? Should I just move the points into RCI and forget renting them out? Please share your opinions and experiences. Thank you.

Len has said it is ok for long time liners to rent their points. I am not looking, but if someone is interested, can they PM you?

I would say $12-15 within 7 months is fair but others might have different ideas.

Take a look at the Rent/Trade board at to get an idea of what the current ‘market price’ is.

If you want to travel, can you use the points on a timeshare in the Poconos. I don’t think Pa and NY make quarantine for traveling back and forth. There may still be snow tubing in the winter and skiing. There is also a couple of indoor water parks. I saw numerous cars with NY tags when I went with my sister to her cabin in the Lake Wallenpaupak area. The water parks are Kalahari and Great Wolf Lodge.

We will have 2 years to use RCI points. By that point I reeealllllllllly hope we can get out of the NE.

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