Renting Points..Talk to me like I'm 5

so I am already booked with Disney for my trip next year.. Making my payments and have my meal plan and tix built in.. We are staying at POP, wondering tho.. could I be getting more from renting points and stayin at a nicer hotel? Pros and cons of renting points.. how does it work.. anyone .. I know its been talked about over and over, but we can talk about it just once more, right? =)

It's very easy to rent points. Probably the biggest drawback to renting points is the cancellation policy. I think you could buy insurance for that though. We loved the nicer room at SSR but didn't like that mousekeeping only comes every 4th day. You could pay to have them come everyday but that adds up too.

We've rented twice. Once through rental agency and once through Mouseowners. It was easy process both times. Renting is the only way we can stay deluxe

Cons?? Tixs, FPP reservations, adrs? Does everything still work the same? I have already made about $1500 payments to my package. Would it be dumb now to start thinking to switch

Cons is that no matter what you do and where you book it from, when you rent DVC points the person who owns the points can cancel the reservation on you.

We've rented 4 times and had no issues thru actual owners on Mouseowners. I have a relationship now with one guy who checks on me periodically seeing if i need points now. I just make sure either we email contracts back and forth or use an invoice on PayPal.

ADR's still worked at 180+10 when we rented in '12. I would imagine that FP+ works the same and that you'd get onsite privileges and Magic Bands. However, I haven't experienced this, so I can't guarantee it.

You would have to run the numbers to see if it would be worth doing for you. 5 nights at POP with the Fall discount would run about $660. A DVC Studio would be about $1000. The DVC studios are a little bigger than POP, but you aren't really getting a LOT more room for the extra money. POP rooms are 260 square feet. DVC Studios range from 340 to 390 square feet. The only exception would be a Value Studio at AKL, which would run about $675, with 316 square feet. However, these book really fast. I don't know when your trip is planned, but I wouldn't go into the rental process with my heart set on a particular resort.

This should help give you an idea of how much renting points would cost you for your dates:

I also agree with Pod about the trip insurance. You might also be able to save a little by buying your tickets from a discount dealer (Undercover Tourist, or use the ticket calculator tool on TP).

Hope that helped.

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We have rented thru a private owner and thru DVC rental store. No issues. If free dining is your desire you won't be able to get that with rented points. I highly recommend trip insurance when you rent. We don't mind that Mousekeeping only comes every 4th day.