Renting points for future use?

I’m not interested in buying into DVC but I’d like to make a one time purchase and buy 100 -150 points and use them at my discretion prior to expiration.

I plan on doing 2 or 3 short trips every few months this year and I don’t really care where I stay or if I do split stays (actually prefer them to experience more resorts) what’s to stop me from renting say 100 or 150 points from someone who’s renting them out to use at a later date?

Obviously I’d need to use them by the expiration but I don’t think that would be an issue. The only issue I see is I may end up with a few points left over if I don’t use them all exactly. Any other Pros and Cons??

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’d have to find a member willing to do all the different bookings for you instead of just one.

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Curious as to why you are looking to do it this way versus just doing separate DVC rentals for each specific trip?

Securing the points at slightly below average right now in the $12pp range. Thinking I might not find as good a deal in the future. Also, already having the points (and an owner willing to work with me) I can skip the process of searching for one, doing background search, etc…

Yes, that would be correct. Not sure if it’s something someone is willing to do but never hurts to ask

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I think those prices are because the points are either allocated to something already, or the points are going to expire soon and need to be used ASAP, or they will be lost.

Yeah, if you find points at $12 that can be used further out than a couple of months, share your secrets!!!

If you want them to transfer points to you for you to use when you want, you have to be a DVC member with an account to transfer them into. Otherwise, they willl have to make each reservation for you and will control those reservations.

And I think that we are limited to 1 transfer a year- so OP would need to get a lot of points