Renting points...again!

Call us crazy but we just got back and had such a wonderful experience that we are looking to go back again. David’s or one of those other DVC rental places had a dedicated OKW studio from 1/4-1/7 that looked right up our alley. So I checked SW and what do you know, they had insane prices for non stop R/T from PVD to MCO for 6k points at perfect times. It was all too perfect. In fact, for a moment I think I heard a harp playing and a chorus singing “Allelujia”.

Anyway before I pulled the trigger on the dedicated rental I figured I’d check to see if anyone had any expiring points or just points they couldn’t use. We’d need 30 points. Feel free to PM me here



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Thanks for the confirmation. Lol.

We will be renting points from @Nickysyme (again) so we are all set for another trip. I will confirm with work tomorrow. Thanks Nicky, still owe you a penny :joy::joy:


That’s great!! Another relaxing DW trip?

Let’s just say she didn’t say “No” so I took that as a “Yes”. :smile:


Haha converted!