Renting ECV inside of Disney Parks

We are planning on renting an ECV inside of Disney Parks for an upcoming trip. Does anyone know what time the rental kiosk opens and do you have to wait until rope drop to get that far in the parks to rent the ECV?

I asked the same question on chat, and didn’t get a real answer other than “probably before RD” at MK to avoid massive lines at that time.

And when I called Disney, they didn’t have the answer. Kept saying they were operated by a 3rd party vendor.

We’ve done this at every park. The rental locations are inside the gates, so you cannot get to them until you are let in. In all cases, they are just inside the gates, so if they let people through the gates before the park “officially” opens, you should be able to get them then. If you check out the park maps on the WDW website, you can find the locations (to the left in MK and EP, to the right in AK and DHS).