Renting DVC vs. MVT / Packages vs. UT

I’m mulling over all of our options for a potential trip end of May/beginning of June 2020, and I’m considering renting DVC points vs. booking current rack rates through MVT in hopes that discounts or agency exclusive come later and also thinking through a package vs. room only and buying tickets through UT. Rather than hijacking another similar thread, I started this one. I’ve spent way too much time thinking about this already, so I’m getting my list of pros and cons down so that others can comment on anything I may have missed (I also have been thinking about offsite, but that would make this too long!). I realize some of these are subjective, and nothing is guaranteed.

Renting DVC

  • Preferred location (assuming I can get it)
  • “Deluxe for the price of a moderate”
  • No parking fees


  • Have to be locked in now
  • Pay now
  • Not refundable unless I also buy travel insurance (though we may have some via a CC, will have to check)
  • Can’t use Disney GCs (which I’ve bought at a discount) to pay
  • Limited mousekeeping
  • Kids would need to sleep on a pull-out couch, not a real bed

Book current rack rates with MVT in hopes of future discounts

  • More flexibility, not locked in now
  • Don’t have to pay in full now
  • Refundable/cancel-able
  • I can continue to amass discounted Disney GCs and pay with them
  • Everyone gets a real bed


  • Less preferred location
  • Parking fees (or is MVT still exempt from paying?)
  • No guarantee of a discount or agency exclusive…or if there is one, but not where I’ve already booked, I may have to pay more when switching (i.e. would tickets go up if I did a package at one resort now, but switched to another later?)

Booking a package with MVT
Same as above ^, but additional pro is that I lock in current WDW ticket prices.
However, if I decide to add dining later, does that change my package enough that I’d pay the current ticket and/or hotel rate?

Booking a room only with MVT and tickets through Undercover Tourist

  • Best ticket prices now


  • Locked in now
  • Pay now
  • Can’t pay with Disney GCs

From what I remember reading- if I get mailed tickets, not e-tickets, those are refundable, but once you link them in MDE, they aren’t, correct? Anything else between a mailed ticket and an e-ticket I should know?

That’s everything I’ve come up with so far…Am I forgetting something? What else would you add to any of the pro/con lists?


I’m not a whole lot of help, just wanted to say that I love how your mind works!!

Oh, and I have a room booked for Thanksgiving through MVT and she said that I would be paying parking.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: I’m mainly just getting tired of thinking about it, but feeling the pressure to decide something because my 11 month mark is coming up if we go the DVC route. I thought some other knowledgeable eyes on it might help! Good info about MVT & parking!

I know this may be true for some people:

I have to say I found a few things out in the 11 months since I rented DVC points:

  1. I could have booked a moderate resort for 1/3 the price

  2. You have to be prepared to rent your 2nd or 3rd choice, and that always costs more!

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thanks for creating another post about this! it looks like a great list of options to consider. i will definitely be following along! :grinning:


Very true! Choice #2 is $300 more, and 3rd choice is $600 more.

However, current rack rate at POR is actually more than our first DVC choice…so we’d really be hoping for some sort of discount to be announced if we went that route!

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I booked August. I started looking at Swan/Dolphin and realized I could rent at BWI for less. Long story but I ended up at BLT lake view. I am good with it but honestly , I would have jumped to CSR for under $200 and been thrilled if I was not locked it.

At the same time, my mom is 83 and not doing well. I have insurance for my cruise but I have a private rental (don’t do it) and I am prepared to lose it if I need to.

I think that’s what I’m weighing most here—hopefully getting the best location, but being locked in vs. flexibility but potentially “less” for my money. I guess my next time-suck will be researching if our credit cards offer trip insurance or the best place to get it if not.

Since you mentioned it, complicating my thoughts is that we also have a cruise placeholder that would make the most sense to use in this same timeframe vs. any other time in the 2 years we have to book one. Would be great to use, but also more $$!

I hope your mom improves, and that you can enjoy your trip worry-free!!

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We’ve done both (rented DVC and booked MVT), … twice each actually. For us it came down to what resort we wanted to stay at. Lately MVT has simply been less hassle and got us into the GF at less cost than when we rented a GF DVC a year earlier … although their BC rates were higher than a previous BC DVC stay ( :roll_eyes: go figure!!). Not all DVC brokers require total payment up front. There is also the option of checking brokers for confirmed reservations, which can be a smoking hot deal (not always) than an 11 month or 7 month DVC request, but do require you to wait uncomfortably close to when you want to go than you can stand. The one thing I would never do unfortunately is rent DVC point from an individual unless you personally know them as some DVC owners web sites are reporting more scammers than I am comfortable with. This main issue you have from my vantage is when your trip is planned. MVT may not know what discounted packages are available until much later this year. If I were in your shoes, I think maintaining flexibility & control is most important.

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I contacted MVT but they couldn’t get us rooms in the resorts we wanted at any kind of discount, so renting DVC is really our best option.

Is there anyplace that lists what discounts MVT has had in the past (i.e. to see how often resorts show up and gauge how likely they might be to have one next year)?

Their website does not seem to be working correctly but this link should show you some upcoming:

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