Renting DVC points thru David's - has this happened to you?


Like do I need to worry about my single night in an SSR 2-bed that I have to buy OTU points for?? 11/1?

Ok, I’m in the clear. It is still there.

But I’m glad I am no longer holding my breath for 2 Poly or BLT Lake View studios!!

There is still a GF 2-bed available for a week from 25th October. No way to see how many though, could be one, could be five. The thing is, David’s will tell you if there is no availability, so until you get another email to that effect you’re fine.

Ssh Nickysyme— that week at GF is mine!!!


Hahaha I don’t want GF, don’t worry!


Sorry, I meant to reply to you… must have clicked the wrong reply button!

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Well, today was under 7 months from when I wanted to book the GF 2 bedroom villa - when any DVC owners’ points would work for GF - and of course, now there is no GF availability for my dates. I am waiting until tomorrow and Wednesday for a 6 day opportunity per the DVC availability calendar. Bummed. Super Bummed.
Saratoga Springs has availability for Preferred and Non-Preferred. I am going to start a new post to ask Liners if that resort has a Disney feel to it. That’s my worry. (That and it’s not close to MK - we aren’t huge Disney Springs fans.)

I’m so sorry that you didn’t get lucky with the GF!

Next trip, right? :wink:

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Woo hoo — I was able to officially book the VGF for 5 of the 7 nights I wanted via David’s! And then I booked a 2 bedroom villa for 2 nights at BCV via Disney directly (no availability on DVC calendar). Really pleased!


Now you can start planning, knowing you have what you wanted.


Not sure if you started this thread, but Saratoga was surprisingly great. It’s definitely a quieter, slower paced resort. No monorail going by… But it’s walking distance to Disney Springs, which is awesome.

It does feel like Disney, just not super Disney.

thanks Disney1974 - most likely next trip for SSR!

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Yay! I’m so excited for you. What a great ending to your room hunting story!

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