Renting DVC points in 2018

I know I’m way too early to book yet, but just trying to get organised. We will be travelling from Australia in December 2018 and was looking for recommendations of DVC owners that liners have used to rent points directly from.

I have rented from both of the main companies before, but thought I might try through a private owner this trip.


I rented points for this December (Beach Club Villas) and used griswoldmagicalmemories. They were great to work with. Why go thru all the hassle yourself? Can you really save that much money?

Thanks @mrshahan, not sure yet if it’s worth the hassle, but we will be there for nearly 5 weeks so we could save around $1300 if we can get the resorts we want through an owner. Having said that I’m not sure if it’s worth risking it when I know the main companies are safe to rent from.

Did you have any trouble getting BCV for December?

No problems at all. We got a 2 bedroom villa for 7 nights. Submitted the request on day 1, got reply from them the next day that they had found the necessary points, submitted the confirmation, had a signed contract the next day. Cost me 272 points, but still saved almost 4k off the listed rack rates. WOW 5 weeks! All at Disney?

Great, thanks! I might contact them in a few months. Did you have to pay in full when they secured the booking?

Yep all 5 weeks at Disney! We’ve been over a couple of times for shorter trips to Disney followed by some travelling. Last trip we went to San Francisco and New Orleans and the time before we went to visit family near Toronto and went to New York and Washington DC. This time we decided to stay put since there’s so much to do in Orlando and we all love Disney. We have not been at Christmas before, so looking forward to visiting all the resorts to see the decorations.

I’m looking at around 693 points if we do 12 nights in 1bd and the rest in studios, so I have a lot of saving to do in the next 8 months. I want to try for 4 different resorts.

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Yes, you have to pay up front. But nothing until you confirm, and no fees (unlike most other rental sites). We love Disney at Christmas. Best time of the year to be there (in our opinion). Good luck in finding accommodations and enjoy!