Renting DVC points for Honeymoon

What are the pros and cons for renting DVC?

My fiance and I are looking to possible rent AKL Savannah view for our honeymoon next June. We are a little worried about it being non-refundable (especially so far out from the trip) and then what to do with My Disney Experience, Magic Bands, FP+, etc.

Any information and help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!

We have rented three times from… Love them. You are right about non refundable. You can buy trip insurance on your own. You need to have flexibility. You request that they email you at the 11 month mark exactly so that you get first pick of your location. If it is past the 11 month mark then you will have to wait until the 7 month mark. I like that unlike David’s you don’t have to pay in full. You put a deposit down the. You pay in full by 45 day mark. Also you can make payments as well. I like using paypal. They have other options. You will not get room service every day. Remember this a timeshare like experience & not hotel. The $$$ saved more than makes up for any unconvinces. You can go on the website for more exact info. Feel free to ask me if you have questions!

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Thanks! The 11 month mark has passed… We are going June of 2015… :-/

We can do payments? That’s nice. Did you purchase travel insurance? Have you used it with the Magic Bands, etc? How did that work? I know that it is like a timeshare, but on your arrival did you get any towel animals (it is our honeymoon and I love those things).

yes. you can make payments at any time. you just have to have it all paid for at the 45 day mark. no we have never purchased travel insurance. yes we had towel animals each time we rented. fyi… disney doesn’t know that we are renting points. we look like we are friends with the person who is on the contract that you sign. yes. we were trailing fpp with magic bands when we were there in oct. it was great. totally loved the bands, made it so easy to buy things at food & wine . never had to juggle food & room key at same time. we use lauren at dvc all the time. i can email her if you give me you email & you could ask her questions now about what is avail. if that helps!

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i just emailed lauren as well to see if anything is avail. let u know her reply!

also, when you rent they give you a confirmation number just like disney would so you log onto mde & make dining ressie, order your magic bands, etc. just like everyone else.

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile: I really appreciate it!

p.s. we honeymooned there in 1997. we just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. actually my profile is our pic on our anniversary this year! we have gone back every year! any more questions … i’m happy to help! we go back on sept15-20 we are renting at saratoga springs this time. i am going for an anesthesia meeting and we booked way late for us. we normally book right at the 7 mo window. lauren just replied back to my email that she is out of the office for the weekend by is monitoring her email for urgent matters. i bet she will reply back on mon. the first time we rented we got OKW. studio. second time was all-kidani, this time we are saratoga springs. we don’t pick on location we pick mainly the cheapest to rent. all of the rooms…/resorts are nice. in the dvc category.

also play around with the points calculator on the website to see how much it would be then go to the disneyworld site to see how much it would be the savings are crazy

I’ve gotten rates for a package for POFQ for our trip and then played around with the points calculator and for about $150 more, I can stay at AKL with a Savannah view through DVC… who wouldn’t take that opportunity! Just want to make sure I have all my bases covered before I 100% commit to renting!

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it took me a while to jump on dvc renting as well. i hadn’t read any down sides. i wouldn’t rent directly from someone, i like having the middle ground. also david’s is in canada so you have to pay a fee on your credit card for currency conversion. t

Oh wow… didn’t know that! I was looking at that one as well, but didn’t like I had to pay in full right away! I think, if I do rent, I will do this now whenever I go. It seems to be such a better deal and you stay in better resorts!

make the leap! i promise you won’t regret it!

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@eagleschica09 i heard back from Lauren this am! Her email is Send her an email & she can put u in to send a reminder email on the date when you will be able to book!

Check out - it has a lot of useful information on both renting directly and through points brokers.

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Thank you! Cannot wait to read it!

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