Renting DVC at deluxe resort.. is it really a deal?

Do you get free parking if you pay for a DVC room directly from Disney off their reservation site? I know DVC owners get free parking, when using their points, and those renting DVC points get free parking but everyone else has to pay for parking regardless of the room type… right?

No - sorry I will edit to reflect which benefit column this belongs in. Definitely in the pro rental.


no apologize necessary, I just wanted to clarify. And I’ll add that WDW asking for parking fees of their resort guests is a pure money grab. I understand at DL where space is more limited but not at WDW where they own thousands of acres of land and resort parking lots are rarely full. Ok, except at MK area resorts where ppl might be trying to skip the TTC parking lot fees.


Unless you don’t rent a car at WDW.

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That’s school vacation week for the northeast. Its a premium time to go, I’m sure that factored into the price.

TPs has traditional non DVC Poly standard view rack rates listed as $763-838/night for 2022. It seems the time you intend to travel is high demand time. I usually look at available rack rates to at least get a baseline before next year comes out.

How are you able to confirm that? We’ve circled that week because we thought all the school breaks would be over. We assumed that since Easter was earlier in 2023 the breaks would be as well

One oddity of DVC is that the times when crowds in the parks are low is when the DVCs are likely to be cheaper points…and when the are cheaper points, they book up more quickly, because owners want to use their points most efficiently! Early May happens to align with one of the cheapest times, points-wise, which means it probably fills up then more quickly than other times. It is counter-intuitive…but in a way, it is a means for Disney to draw in crowds to the parks during their slower seasons.

What this means is that at 7 months out, it is going to be difficult to obtain a booking. This is why the DVC rental companies charge more before 7 months out.

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4/23-4/29? That would be NH school vacation week but most of NE will be finishing vacation week on the 23rd. When is the Spring Fling race scheduled next year?

Oh. I thought we were talking May! Those dates in April are the second highest points, second only to Christmas and Easter break periods. So, yeah…point costs will be appreciably higher!

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Patriots day is April 17th and that is the start of New England vacation week, And NH is the week after.
Also if you look at points charts for 2023, this period is the second highest, with Christmas time being the first. It’s a prime time travel period.

If I were renting my points I’d be charging a premium for that week for sure.

In case you are interested, here is the Poly points chat:

For a whole week at that time, you should definitely book before the 11 month mark. I would consider booking a standard view rather than a lake view, that will save you around $500.

The rack rate for that week will be in the range Ryan quotes, and I haven’t seen Disney run anybsales on Poly. If your heart is set on Poly, then I thinknthe rental is your best deal. If you are willing to consider other monorail resorts, especially Wilderness Lodge, there may be deals to be had.

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I rented 129 points from a Poly owner on another message board (Just praying I won’t get scammed, LOL). We are going this November for 6 nights and it is for $19 a point.

I went with them over David’s and DVC rental store because it was cheaper (Though, obviously this is very much a gamble and I could end up losing over $2,000 and not having a reservation whereas companies such as those listed above, you are way less likely to get scammed). Looking at my emails with DVC Rental Store, they were asking for $24 a point which would equal $516 a night.

So, for us, it is a “deal” as the rack rates for Poly standard room for our week was over $700 a night and we are getting it for $408. Is it worth it? Unsure. Our last stay at Poly in Sept 2018 was $291 a night via a discount from MVT so $408 is a tough pill to swallow!

This is so very helpful - thank you so much! We aren’t set on the Poly but will have a 2 year old with us and want to be on the monorail for convenience.
Our dates can also be flexible… it sounds like we are better off looking at other weeks if I want to find a good deal.

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I love Poly, but you should also consider Baylake Tower. That is walk to MK! The studios are the smallest DVC studio (except a few “value” studios out there) but with just one 2 year old it might be perfect. The points are lower too.

As much as I lover Wilderness lodge, tou din’t want to wrestle a stroller on the boats. Sticking to monorail is a good idea!


What is the issue with strollers on these boats?

You can take strollers on them. There are two types of boats - one is wheelchair accessible and you could roll a stroller onto it - these tend to run more during busy times. The other is the smaller step down type where tou have to close up the stroller before boarding - like a bus.

I think Wilderness Lodge is fantastic for families. But just wanted to flag if you afe trying to avoid folder strollers.

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I thought the smaller boats were generally for the CR/FW route? I know they had to use many small bots (including fireworks cruise boats) while they were repairing that larger boats, but that was a temporary issue?

My only experience was staying at WL and Poly last summer. We were about 50/50 small boat vs large boat.

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