Renting DCV points - Animal Kingdom Studio

It’s been almost 2 weeks since our trip, and all I can think about is how we will afford our next trip. I loved staying at WL, but don’t have the budget for it for 2022.

I was looking at renting DCV points, something I only just started researching. I put in some dates and found Animal Kingdom studios are crazy cheap via David’s. Dates I looked into were 7 nights for $1240-1440 depending on the week! The only downside is that it’s only a queen bed and full sofa sleeper.

Does anyone know how comfortable the sofa sleeper is? Has anyone stayed in the AK studios and can comment overall?

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Those look like rates for the value studios which are almost impossible to get for non AK DVC members. If you’re talking about a standard studio, we’ve stayed at Kidani several times and it’s great. My kid’s had no trouble with the sleeper and it’s much thicker than your typical sleeper mattress usually tends to be.

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Yes, I was looking at the value studios… Makes sense that they are hardly ever available! Good to know that the sofa is comfortable though. Thank you!

Savanna views are great but standard are fine too as there are multiple viewing locations. The Kidani pool slide is one of the best on property. The biggest complaint we’ve had is it’s huge and you can have a pretty long walk from room to lobby or room to bus depot. If you have a car it’s easier as the parking lot is underneath. Jambo has the better quick service food options.


I looked yesterday after DVC rental sent me an email about increasing the cost of their points. AKL is now $20 a point?

Yup, that is what I saw. Is that an increase? I literally just started looking today lol.

Fairly significant increase!

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I saw that ticket prices have had another increase too. Guess that will be a constant thing for a while…

I didn’t relate the two but you’re probably right.

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I think it just increased in the last day or two.

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Yup, I’ve been getting some e-mails about it :slight_smile: Guess our January trip last month was perfect timing!

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For lunch and dinner, absolutely, but we really loved the quick service breakfast at Sanaa last May.

One morning, we ordered hot entrees and ate there. The other morning, I went down and picked up grab and go while the rest of my family was getting ready. They had some good substantial options like the egg bobotie pie. It was really efficient and inexpensive for Disney.

I am a 33 year old adult and I found the sleeper sofa in a Kidani studio comfortable. We also stayed in a Boulder Ridge studio on the same trip and that sleeper sofa was not so great. Not terrible, just really creaky.

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