Renting Bob Double Stroller Flex 3.0 but need rain cover

Scooterbug is out of rain covers, so I’m thinking about either purchasing one for the trip or using a large poncho. Anyone have advice on this? Obviously the poncho is the cheapest and easiest route, but I’m concerned it will not work very well. For example, how do we make sure it stays on the stroller? Maybe I’m over thinking this…

Try a shower curtain with clothes pins! Or can you buy a cheap stroller cover from home?

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This is what I was thinking. But it will be more to pack, and after our trip we’ll have no need for it.

Order a cheap one from Amazon and have it delivered to your hotel.


Do you have a Dollar Tree near you?
They have plastic table cloths for $1 and you can keep them in the packaged and folded until you need it. Then take some zip ties or clothes pins and tie it down.
I did this with zip ties and then i could just toss it when we were done with it.


Is it supposed to come as part of your package with Scooterbug? I know Kingdom Strollers provides them “free of charge” (included with cost). If it were included with cost and they couldn’t provide one, I would be asking for some level of compensation. Doesn’t have to be much, but enough to cover the hassle and cost of getting a one yourself.

A cheap stroller cover will be next to nothing to pack. I’d get one that you know will be compatible with the stroller you’ve rented and just bring it along. You don’t have to bring it home if you don’t care to.

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Also surprised they ran out… kingdom was all included. You would think they would want people to use them, keep their strollers nice.


Also - do you have a Bob at home? I hate Bob’s at Disney.

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Why not bring the Bob from home? We did multiple times and it was great. Gate check when getting on the plane. The rain cover stays attached. No need to pack it. Makes the airport easier with a place for the kids to sit and the parks are way better with your own familiar stroller

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Scooterbug does rain covers separately. And they don’t have enough for the double strollers. Dumb…

No, but we used one last time. What did you not like about it?

I’ve used Bob’s singles and doubles at Disney. The double was fine. The single had some issues folding. Both “drove” well and had lots of storage. I used Kingdom Strollers and would again in a heartbeat. They earned a lot of love from my family for a couple weird reasons.

I used a poncho to cover my single stroller in the rain. It worked fine until the CMs rearranged the stroller parking while we were in a ride and part of the stroller was left uncovered, getting everything stored in the bottom of the stroller wet. It killed my push through the weather attitude for that day. I would highly recommend getting something that fits snuggly or have a system for securing it well.

I know I have big kids, but I always feel like my kids get smooshed together in the Bob and they are just so bulky when folded. We really like the City Mini GT!

That’s what we rented from Kingdom. Loved it!