Renting a Scooter at WDW

I’m pretty sure that my Mom will need a scooter when we visit in September. She is being stubborn though and doesn’t want one. If she tries to walk for a while in the morning, will she still be able to get a scooter if/when she needs one or do they typically sell out? Thanks so much!

I would reserve one and then just park it somewhere to make sure you have it if you want. However having to deal with stubborn people in my family - we find the more we push the more they dig their heals in. I tell them what we are doing and we ARE doing this - if you have any issues - please feel free to excuse yourself from the group - but this is what WE are doing and we would love to have you -but if you are with us - this is what we are doing and I will part company if needed.

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Thanks - this is good advice!

Unfortunately we have had some people that just don’t understand the “big picture”. Not specifically at WDW and not with a scooter - but as the person paying for 4 people and also who did planning on things. I have lost my “sensitivity” when people don’t look at what is best for the group. They are late, they are demanding, they take away from the experience and I don’t have time for it any more. NOW every situation is different and how you react changes. We are very accommodating and helpful and forgiving etc. - however sometimes you need to look and think “are MY decisions making things EASIER or HARDER for the people around me and am I doing things in a reasonable manner to make the situation as easy as possible”

Sorry a bit more than you requested - but it brings up for me memories of people who went out of their way to make things as EASY for people as possible and it also brings up memories of people who went out of their way to make things DIFFICULT

My mom was in the same situation. September is a slow time. When we went in the afternoon to rent one, there were still plenty. Disney will give a few dollars off if you pay for more than one day in advance. You have to leave it in the park, but just show the receipt when you need it, and just drive it away.

I would definitely get one first thing in the AM. They “might” be available later in the day, but I personally wouldn’t risk it. There’s no difference in price whether you get it in the AM or later in the day. DW has learned - the hard way - it’s better to have one than not.

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And you only have to pay once per day; if you hop to a different park, show them the receipt and you get a new one at the second park. On two separate occasions the batteries have died late in the afternoon; they brought a new one, but I wouldn’t say the service was “quick”.

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