Renting a car - Parking at Epcot and Magic Kingdom how far a walk?

We are planning to stay at Wilderness lodge next year. Thinking of renting a car. Is it worth it and also how far a walk from parking lots to theme parks Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Animal Kingdom. We are doing DVC rental so have free parking at the lodge. Feedback helpful as first time trip.

For WL, you would be better to just use the friendship boat. If you drive, you have to park, walk to the TTC, then take a boat or monorail (or bus).

I’m not sure it is worth renting a car unless you plan to do things off property and such. Can be pricey. The walk at Epcot and AK isn’t too bad from the parking lot, though. Not as complicated as it is for MK!

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Also there is a bus from WL to MK which is usually even faster than the boat, albeit not nearly so nice, obviously.

MK is the one park I really wouldn’t recommend driving to, no matter how much people don’t mind driving.


We live driving distance from WDW so we always take our own car.

The one time we stayed at the WL, we drove our own car to AK, HS and Epcot. Taking your own vehicle is typically quicker than the buses. This is especially true with AK. The walks from the parking lots are generally not bad.

Disney transportation to MK is much easier, quicker and shorter distance than taking your own car. Ferry boats are a ride/attraction in themselves. The bus to MK is extremely quick.