Rental Car or Lyft

We are staying at Saratoga Springs Resort. Plan to do one park per day. Wondering if it would be best to drive our rental car and pay for parking or pay for Lyft?

If you’re staying on property you don’t need to pay to park at resorts. If you’re staying on points - whether your own or someone else’s/rental - at SS you don’t pay for parking there. Uber/Lyft will add up over the course of a trip. If you’d plan to uber every day I’d just get a car

If you have a rental car and you stay on property parking at the parks is free.

I’m sorry, I just realized that parking would be free. Would it be beneficial to upgrade to preferred?

If you are getting to the park early for RD, you really don’t need preferred parking because you will typically be close to the front of the parking lot. Usually close enough to walk and not need the tram (except for MK–parking there is a pain and almost worth taking the resort bus).

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