Rental Cabanas & Boats

Well hey everybody! We have a July trip booked, staying at Beach Club. I’m curious how soon I can book a pool cabana. Is it now, or do I need to wait until 60 days out, or is it first come first serve on the day of?

And while I’m here, does anyone know if the motorized boat rental (at Yacht Club) is returning this summer?


Cabana rental s 60 days out from your check-in date at YC or BC. Be sure to call early as they go fast.

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Have not heard about boat rentals yet :frowning:

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Thank you. Do I call the resort directly, or the 407-WDW-PLAY line?

The 407-WDW-PLAY line. :slight_smile:

Ugh, the 2 hours on hold to get through line!

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Much appreciated. I called the PLAY line earlier today (before I posted here) and never got through to a CM after 80 minutes on hold :frowning: Hopefully when I call again it will go better.

This right here is the reason I use a TA!! Although I had to check on a MDE account issue (something my TA can’t do) the other week and was on hold for 3 h and 13 min!

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I had to call the other day to update something on my trip and was given the option to have a call back if I didn’t want to hold. It said it would be about 45 minutes before I got the call back and it was. When I got the call back, I waited on hold 3-5 minutes but I much prefer this to sitting on hold for an hour plus especially when I’m using up my cellular data minutes. I wish they would offer this option when calling any of there numbers.

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We wait on hold so you don’t have to :wink:

The callback thing is great when they offer it. A CM told me the other day that they only do that when the queue reaches a certain hold time.

It isn’t offered to my knowledge on the TA line.

Exactly!!! :smile:

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