Rent points


Hi, I am wanting to rent points for a studio April 2-9 2019. We are open to any resort. Does anyone know anyone who is renting out their points? Thank you :slight_smile:


Go to which is a dedicated forum for DVC owners and those who want to rent. There is lots of advice on their Rent / Trade board.

There are also owners here though. Just make sure you check things out. Again Mouseowners have good advice, even if you ultimately decide to do it with an owner elsewhere.


We rent through DVC Rental Store. You are a bit too late for booking early April, I checked the site I linked below and it shows no studios at any of the resorts have full availability during those dates. You need to book prior to 7 months, or on the exact day 7 months from arrival during busy months like April (many spring breaks then). We have a studio from 3/30-4/4 at BWV and it was booked in August. There is some partial availability so you might be able to book a split stay, but that will involve renting points from more than 1 owner usually. There is some full availability in 1 bedrooms at some of the resorts if you want to go that route. Also a lake bungalow at the Poly for just 1174 points, which would be $19,958! Wow I cannot imagine, that is sooooo expensive. Good luck!


Thank you for the link! I was unaware I could search. This helps make plans.