Renewing subscription

So the email says if I renew before my subscription expires, I will get a 25% discount. What is the discount if I just have a book, but come in as a new subscriber? I’m thinking of trying to stretch out my subscription, as I don’t have a trip planned (yet) in the coming year, but I can’t find the cost if I let this renewal chance pass me by.

I just did myself as I don’t believe you will get it any cheaper.

But is the renewal the best price? What would be the price if you didn’t renew now, but, say bought the membership again in October, for example?

Normal cost is 15.95. You save 4 bucks renewing now. That’s 25% savings, I think you only get 15% savings with the book.

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Thanks. That’s what I wanted to know.

Unfortunately, until my membership expires, I can’t see the price for a new membership. I can only see the deal for a renewal. That’s why I was asking. :slight_smile:

If you try to buy a new membership they will ask you if you have purchased their books. They will then tell you what you will save by providing them three different page numbers for a phrase in the book you have purchased. I do believe quiche is right about the percentage.

I paid $10.37 as a new member with the book discount in April. I don’t know what the regular price was at that time. For under $2 difference, I’d do the simpler thing and renew.

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That’s cheaper than the $11.95 to renew. Yes, it’s the easier choice, but I will need it later in the year, not earlier, so there’s that. Thanks.

Anyone know if you can get the renewal AND the book discount? It says it will do the lowest discount, but talks about the Add ons, not the original subscription.

I don’t believe so. One or the other is your choice. :grimacing:

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