Renewing DVC Gold AP online

My Gold AP expires this month. Can I only renew it by calling DVC? MDE gives me the option of renewing online, but it is only showing that I can choose a Platinum Pass for $1080.98. There is a drop down menu to select the pass type but the Gold pass isn’t listed as a choice. I’m logged in as a DVC member and my dues are up to date.

You can only renew through member services.

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OK thanks. And do I still have a 30 day grace period to renew after it expires? We may not use it again for about 15 months, but I’m afraid to let it lapse and not be able to buy a new one for our summer 2022 trip. So I can’t decide what to do. :blush:

Yes you have 30 days. But it will still expire a year after the old one expired, you don’t gain those 30 days extra.

I totally renewed mine online; I have a FL Gold

oh… maybe it’s different if you are DVC Gold?

My experience has been that they required very little proof when I originally bought but member service needs to confirm for renewal.

If you decide to call make sure you don’t wait until the last minute. The phone lines have been challenging.

Oh I renewed online and then went to a ticket counter to show proof of residence to activate.

I’ve had CMs tell me to call first thing when the phone lines open.

Yes, this.

You don’t see the option if you’re not a FL resident.

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