Renewed AP in advance. Anything else to do?

I took advantage of Christmas money to go ahead and renew my AP (current one expires 2/19). In MDE it shows the one expiring 2/19 and one starting 2/20, which is correct.

Do I need to do anything to activate the renewal, or does it automatically just start working.

If I recall correctly, you’ll need to go to guest services to get your AP card. I’m pretty sure I did in July. But maybe they come in the mail…

Hmm… I leave WDW on a cruise 2/17. Would I be able to get it early? Or would I have to request that it be mailed since I won’t be back at WDW until July.

You are right, your current card will still be active but since all your new card will be doing is extending the expiration date I believe they would give it to you. You could also wait until your next trip?

I bet they will let you get it.

I confirmed (with DH) that we did go to guest services for it. They write your name on the back in sharpie.

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Yeah, I looked at the card I got in Feb and it’s definitely dated. Fingers crossed since it’ll only be a few days early - and I’d imagine if I renewed in person they would.