Renewal of Cancelled AP

Happy Birthday! :partying_face:


On my call Monday she said they were running very close to 30 days for a call back. They’ll definitely get the call before the end of the month.

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27 days for me​:joy: They called this morning, just as I was getting out of bed. Got my AP now, 2099 expiry. I should be able to use it before then… :crossed_fingers:


Great news! Congrats!

Agree…it seems to be different for everyone. Our passes expired in September or October (I forget which month). I called in January and when they returned my phone call they allowed me to buy new Annual Passes. I did have a trip that I rescheduled 3 different times and then we never went due to COVID cases. Maybe that played into it???

I called today and was told I am eligible. I spent 82 minutes on the phone. I was told I can go get them any time at Disney Springs, and can pay via monthly plan or in full. Or I can wait for the callback and pay in full over the phone.


So, completely unexpected, but WDW called me today, 4 days later and set me up.
Just like everyone else, it shows in MDE as being good until 2099. Price was $1272.68.


Wow! That’s a super quick turnaround. Congrats!

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Are you a Florida Resident?

I think only FL residents are allowed monthly payment plans

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Wow, even my friend that called same day I did originally didn’t get her call back until today. Thankful someone posted the number they called from, as it was the number they called he from. We are hoping to go in Sept, Dec &
Spring 2022… we were supposed to go in April 2020; still need to get a trip in during that food season​:joy: Just need Covid Border restrictions to lift. I feel more complete having the AP back in my MDE :rofl:


So pleased to see so many folks getting passes renewed. Sadly I let mine expire a few years ago, because life was so busy and couldn’t get back to the parks. Now as a retired FL resident, I’m really missing my AP. Looking forward to the day Disney begins to offer them again. :smiley:


Congrats! So happy for you! Wow, that was so fast. I am still waiting and getting worried now that somehow I am not on their list. I am 24 days out from my call where the CM put me on the list.

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I was actually thinking about those that have been waiting, and I’m wondering if they added more staff to the project and just divided the list in half so it’s all out of order.
Might be worth a call.

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I probably should call. I wonder if your recent visit might have moved you up on the list?

That could be. I’ve had the trips in 2 years, 2 of them during covid.

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Yes, I am a FL Resident. I apologize, I meant to specify that in my post. The passes I had previously were FL Resident passes paid in full, which I cancelled and got a refund. Before calling, I was under the impression they were only taking full payment for new passes right now, so I was pleasantly surprised!


Looking for opinions here… for those that have been following this thread, I am still waiting to hear on my AP reinstatement for 4 of us. I have been told I am eligible. In the meantime, the AP CM who put me on the list suggested that I buy park tickets for our May trip, so that I could make park reservations. Then they could apply the cost of the tickets to the AP reinstatement when/if it came through. He said for the conversion though, I had to buy the tickets from WDW, and not a discount seller, which I did. I now have park reservations. I want the new AP’s regardless of our current plans, but family is not sure they want to activate them yet, because plans for spring break (2022) are uncertain, and they don’t want to waste the AP’s. Now I could kick myself for not buying discounted park tickets. So, today, I am thinking… What if I apply the WDW tickets to the AP reinstatements (if it ever comes through) but don’t activate them for this trip? Then, turn around and purchase discounted tickets for our upcoming trip in May? My big concern is this: What happens to my park reservations? Will they get cancelled, and I have to rebook? Because that is a deal breaker since all parks are now not available. What do you think? Are park reservations tied to a ticket number, or do they just reside in your MDE? Is this too risky to save a couple hundred dollars?

As long as you have valid admission on your account your park reservations will remain intact.

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Just for my own piece of mind, I decided to call the AP line to confirm I can use the amount I paid for a one day ticket, towards a FL AP when they become available for sale again. Guess it does apply for me, even though I allowed my AP to expire before COVID. Of course, the year of use begins from the day I use to ticket. Keeping fingers crossed it’s not more than 6 months before they begin selling them again. One day at Disney is better than none for me!

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