Renewal of Cancelled AP

I guess that makes sense, but I’ve talked to some who were in similar circumstances that were allowed to renew, so it’s a little aggravating that it doesn’t seem to be universal in how they apply the standards. Oh well, at least we tried! But I’m totally kicking myself for not renewing now!

No call back yet here… I’m from out of state, so not like I’d be going much :joy:

I never said I was happy with their decision! Haha!

DH and I feel like we are being “punished” for not cancelling, which makes no sense to us!

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Exactly! Why are people that canceled even after Disney reopened allowed now to get APs but we’re not? It’s frustrating. I wish they’d just start selling APs again.


Since the IT dept couldn’t find my DH’s AP in their system I brought the actual (expired) card into GS this week and was told that his card is out of the parameters for reinstatement :frowning: I went to two different GS desks/parks to see if I’d get the same answer too. Sadly I got the same disappointing answer.


You should be able to do that. They are charging full price for getting an AP after previous cancellation, not the renewal discount, and the expiration date of mine is listed as 2099 in MDE.

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I have a trip tentatively planned for December and am having spring break fomo, so convincing myself I can tolerate masks in June. I called yesterday and got through pretty quickly. We cancelled over the summer last year. She took my name and said someone would call me in 30 days. Now to wait…


23 days and no call yet. I’m getting antsy.

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I called last week on my 21st day and they said I was still on the list for a call back, but it could still be a couple more weeks.


That is good to know. I’m guessing that they are getting backed up as more people want to renew as travel is picking up.


We had cancelled our APs in august and got our refund for I knew we would not be going until we were vaccinated. We had already used our APs for 3 trips (oct, dec and feb) so felt we had gotten our money’s worth. Got a significant amount back. I bought 9 day park hoppers for our recent trip. We were testing out to see if we felt safe and could handle masks etc. on day 8 we went to GS and asked about APs. We were told we qualified and issues APs on the spot and just paid the difference between our 9 day park hopper and price of AP. No discount for renewal and our start date is listed as first day of use for our park hopper. I was happy to have the AP back again. Planning for an April weekend, August week and October week. Keeping my fingers crossed we may lessen mask usage by Oct. didn’t really like wearing all day. Definitely did make touring a bit of a challenge.


3 1/2 weeks and counting waiting for call back.


I am seriously giddy now. I originally called on March 12 to get put on the list so 26 days between calls. She said they get around 200 calls per day so they are running pretty close to 30 days for a call back. She also let me buy the Gold pass even though I cancelled a Platinum pass and I’m a resale dvc member. Hopefully I don’t have issues activating at the park.


When did you get your first resale contract?

First one was in 2018 and just closed on another this year. I have been blocked out of every single perk before so this was really surprising to me. She even looked up my account and everything.

Well fingers crossed then.:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


So happy for you! If you still have it, would you mind messaging me (or posting here) the title and number of the call you received from your caller ID? (So afraid I am going to dismiss the call, not recognizing the number, and then call back just to be put on hold forever! :laughing:)
ETA: 18 days out.

You know, I cancelled mine back when they were allowing refunds. In MDE it still shows me room offers for passholders. Wonder if I’m eligible.

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The number was (407) 939-7532 and it just said Lake Buena Vista, FL was calling so I jumped all over it!

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It wouldn’t hurt to call and see.