Renew or not renew Six Flags

We’ve been Season Pass holders at Six Flags near us for many years b/c it’s just down the road. But, our latest batch of passes have been used zero times even though they extended them until the end of 2021 (were supposed to expire at end of 2020). At the moment I see us maybe doing one trip before year’s end just b/c of the virus. They just gave us a great offer ($40 per pass) to renew, but…I’m just not sure if we’ll be able to use it before the end of 2022. I am leaning towards it b/c the sticking point is that one child out of 3 is still too young for vaccine, and once vaccinated we’d feel more comfortable going. It is almost all outdoors after all. For comparison, the best offer I was able to get before was about $50 per pass, so that’s not that much less.

Well, another way to think about it is, if you can afford it, doesn’t it help them stay open? That’s how I’m thinking about my gym membership that I haven’t used since last March, anyway. We already have it budgeted, and it’s a small gym I’d like to stay open. “Doing our part to stimulate the economy.”

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Our Six Flags had a drive thru Christmas light show at the park last Christmas.

I’m too late. But we had that exact same thing and I went with it. I asked DH and he asked the price. When I told him he gave me the “Why is this a question?” look.

DH and I went right when they opened. I went with DD once and I popped in a few hours while driving by. But that is it. But, I foresee next year being far more normal. I also appreciate what Six Flags did with extending the pass for the year including the dining pass. Considering that they did everything they could, I glad I gave them more money. I also appreciated the discount. It was better than the normal labor day sale.

Thanks for your input. We did get the passes. We also wanted to support them b/c it’s so close to us that we’d be unhappy if they close.

I am at the water park now. The one in Arlington. It is a great day. They have plenty of people. Even places where they could cut staff, they haven’t. Like in the parking booths. Two people in each booth.