Renew AP using Discount Ticket?

If you we be in the parks in the 60-day renewal window for your AP, can you use an unused discounted ticket sold by a third party to pay for part of the renewal price and still get the discount bridged?

Curious about this as well.

Yes, I’ve heard others talk about it - the Disney Tourist Blog mentions it in this post.

Were you successful? I am debating whether I want to try it this week, but my problem is I don’t have any trips planned for next year, so I am not sure whether my renewal “savings” will actually be savings… :disappointed_relieved: I know I will certainly go once (or I will die from lack of magic), but even if the discounts stay at a high level I will barely break even.

(I certainly trust DTB but more recent info is always appreciated!)

Not going to say for sure, but I don’t think so. It’s not hard to give them a call and ask. The on the phone Disney cast members are very friendly and helpful.

Unfortunately direct Liner info is usually more reliable than a phone CM for these sorts of things :laughing:, but thanks!