Remy during Extended Evening hours

Does anyone have any recent experience doing Ratatouille during Extended Evening hours (9 to 11 at Epcot)? Is the line still long? We’re going tonight and it’s the last thing on our to-do list. We’d rather not pay extra for it, but don’t want to wait in a long line either.

Can you wait until 10:30 to go? Posted was 45 for my night- 20 actual.

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Thanks for the intel. We’re planning to stay till 11.

We did Magic Kingdom extended evening last Tuesday and kept waiting for the 7DMT line to reduce, finally hopped in line around 12:40 am with a 35-minute wait.

That is weird. What was the posted time? Generally all reports of the last 1/2 hour for both Remy and 7DMT have been 20-25 minutes.

It was posted at 35. Definitely wasn’t a walk on, but maybe I’m misremembering it taking the full 35.

We went last week. We arrived at 10:05… posted time was 45 minutes, we waited 30 minutes. It was worth the wait!! Have fun