Reliability of G+ Midday drops

I did some rest runs today to check G+ availability midday, using the drop times found here.

What can I say… I was very, pleasantly surprised at the availability. Slinky Dog Dash? No problem. Frozen? Easy. Remmy? ToT? RnR, etc? You bet. I tried at each of the drop times and had the same success each time. The only one I couldn’t get to show was additional ILLs for FoP.

Today is a fairly high crowd day (8) and our trip will be during a holiday week (9) so I would think the results wouldn’t be all that different. Are these drops always this reliable, and stay live long enough to snag one? I was finding they were available for 30-90 seconds. Which, doesn’t sound like a lot, but I was expecting them to disappear faster than that.

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What drop times were you using? Is there a list of all of them somewhere?

Yeah the other pinned thread in La Cava.

Yes I see those are not showing up on TD the last two days. Something to keep an eye on.


Maybe it’s funky because of the hurricane and early closure / late open? Or down time?

Or they’ve finally realized it’s the only ILL with drops.

10:17 detected today and 5:47 detected yesterday on TD, at least.

I don’t think you can 100% count on them, but I used them several times during our trip with no problems, and they seemed to stay open for plenty of time to snag one, if you were purposely trying at the right time.

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